Nancy S. Brown

quilt artist


LECTURE: My Animal Quilts

A one hour slide presentation in which I show retrospective of over fifteen years of my animal and family quilts and the stories behind them. I also bring a few of the quilts.


In all of my classes I teach my techniques and methods for hand applique. How to do curves, points and how to put together a multi-layered appliqued pattern.


In my six hour classes I teach the basics of hand applique and the students learn these techniques while working on one of my original animal patterns. In each class I also demonstrate how to design animal patterns. I have two cat classes where I also show the students how to make the patterns look like their own cats. I also have several classes based on my version of Baltimore album style blocks (hummingbirds, butterflies, frogs, bluebirds or tropical fish) and in these classes I also show the students how to design their own album style blocks..

Hummingbird Album Class
Striped Cat Applique Class
Wild Animal Applique Class


In the series classes (4-5 three hour classes or several day classes) I also teach the basics of hand applique and students work on my patterns (usually four different patterns give out over the course of the class) to master the basic techniques. In these classes there is also an emphasis on design and students are shown how to make their own animal designs, how to choose fabrics and how to execute that design. I have several wild animal series classes (four different wild animal patterns for each series) and one dog series class.

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