Nancy S. Brown

quilt artist

My quilts are original designs. They are all hand appliqued and quilted. The pieceing is done by machine. Most are wall size (40” - 60” on each side). Most of the designs fall into one of four categories.

Oh My


The vast majority of my quilts are pictorial in nature and have wild animal themes. I love all animals and have made a wide variety of wild animal quilts from giraffes to kangaroos to penguins and many more. An example of this style is “Oh My” featuring lions and tigers and bears.



I have a fondness for Baltimore Album quilts and I have made album quilts with my own original animal designs in the style of the Baltimores. An example of this style is “Detour” in which the album blocks feature very small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and of course -- border snakes.

Sunday in the Park with Mittens


I love pets too and have made several dog and cat quilts. Most of the pets in my quilts have owned me, my friends, relatives and neighbors, past and present. An example of this style is “Sunday in the Park with Mittens” featuring a variety of dogs in an imaginary dog park and Mittens the cat in the tree casually taking it all in.

The Niebur Sisters


I love old family photos and am fortunate to have some wonderful old photos of my family. I have made several quilts using these photos to remember and honor these relatives. An example of this style is “The Niebur Sisters” which depicts my great grandmother and her three sisters from a 1930’s photo. The borders contain quilt blocks that were popular during that time.

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